dont forget his sacrifice 

im so darn cute look at me
this thing rigged surprisingly well for being the highpoly mostly, need to either learn how to use the tool better to generate a low, or do one myself for future projects. rigging is still a pain in the ass for the sergal since maya, but i thought the blender issue was fixed in a recent update (it wasnt)

experimenting with using simulated stitched clothing for creating high poly

first stage of project im working on
3d lateral bullet hell

its up for sale on the marketplace now at this dumb link
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So pretty! Got a coder? :p

(its u)

final washitsu i think

needs some material tweaks and a little scripting and it’ll be on mp

weird side ways cargo thing commission
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close your commissons every single day

That might be a good idea maybe then I’d be able to afford stuff!