its up for sale on the marketplace now at this dumb link

So since no one really has bought this yet, if you reblog this post WITH your second life name in the reblog, I will totally send you a free copy of the skybox. The catch is you have to do it by the end of TODAY, the 17th.totally reblog it and say hey, this is for sale, or don’t.
I don’t care I’ll send you a copy. Just help me get the word out.
its up for sale on the marketplace now at this dumb link
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So pretty! Got a coder? :p

(its u)

final washitsu i think

needs some material tweaks and a little scripting and it’ll be on mp

weird side ways cargo thing commission
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close your commissons every single day

That might be a good idea maybe then I’d be able to afford stuff!

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I am really surprised that no one wants to pay me for stuff because the minute I write that my commissions are closed people are asking me for work.

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big dumb post about commissions

Hey nerds

I’m totally looking to take 3d modeling / texturing commissions!
That means, you can pay me for 3d stuff! Props, rooms, skinned and weighted mesh, anything! I have a few things I’d like to stick too, even more so if you’re a user of something like Secondlife.

I really need money to upgrade my computer and for other life stuff, so I need to take some commissions.

Low poly / texture models - 15$

Fancy Animated text - 5$

Rigged Secondlife Clothing - 30-80$

Low poly props (full license of usage) - 5-30$ (Haggle)

All these prices are up for haggling, and I can provide more examples when asked.

I am also willing to do skyboxes for secondlife

these will run for a lot more than the others though, depending on permissions and such.

Terms of usage are open to discussion .
So if you’re interested just hit me up with a message and we can talk about what you want and how much it might cost!

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posting lewd sketches to this other blog for now on because tumblr is for babies